5 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Do Yoga

1. Improve mobility and range of motion.
Doing yoga will drastically improve your form in most CrossFit movements, especially your squat, clean, overhead squat and snatch. All classes will help with this, but try out a Mobility Yoga class to dig in to your needs.
2. Help find focus.
Learning to steady your focus helps tremendously with olympic lifting, double unders, and even mentally helps you get through those 150 wall balls! Try an alignment class to learn to help find that focus and to bring more attention to the alignment of your body which can be applied in your CrossFit movements.
3. Learn to breathe more efficiently.
Do you tend to lose your breath quickly during an AMRAP WOD? Learn breathing techniques that can help to keep a steady paced breath to give you a little more stamina during your workout. Try a Vinyasa class to train yourself to move with your breath.
4. Develop your ability to balance.
Handstand walks and pistols need some work? Practicing balancing yoga poses such as tree, dancer, handstand, and crow will help you to accomplish these movements easier.
5. Restore, recover and relax.
CrossFit is primarily about moving at a quick pace and with high intensity and power (and loud music and cheering!), but in order to cultivate this speed and power, you must also cultivate rest. Being able to relax deeply will let you come back with even more power!  On your next rest day, add a yoga class in to your recovery routine.