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The CrossFit Open

What is it? The CrossFit Open is the first step in a 3 stage process dedicated towards finding the fittest man and woman on earth. The Open in 2017 consists of 5 workouts over 5 weeks. (Feb 23th-March 27th). At the conclusion, the top  men and women from each region will attend the regionals competition. […]

November 19, 2016

Part 1 In teams of 2 15 minute amrap: 3 Deadlifts (275/185) scale to 65% of 1rm 6 Burpees 9 Air Squats Partners must alternate each exercise Part 2 (teams choice) Option A Option B Sweat it out Pump it up Compete with a partner Partner A: Run 200 meters Partner B: Max pullups Switch […]

August 28th, 2016

Every Sunday there are 2 classes for our athletes convenience. If you’ve been hitting it hard lately though, we suggest a recovery/prep day to make sure you can keep going strong this week. Recovery Day Suggestion A. Structural Integrity Complete 3 rounds of the following: Structural Integrity A Structural Integrity B B. Mobility Take a […]

Pacing on Workouts

When I think about pacing done well, I think about the Crossfit Open Workout 14.5 announcement and following workout. If you watch the full 6 minutes you may notice one thing. I’ll spoil the ending for you now; Rich Froning wins this mini-competition. What you’ll notice though is not that he wins every round. He […]

July 3rd, 2016

Weekly Prep Circuit 5 Rounds: Jog 400 2:00 couch stretch (1 minute right/1 minute left) 2:00 Banded Lat Stretch 2:00 Band Assisted Squat 10 Deep Breaths on Chair Pose Reminder: Crossfit Total is at 9:30 am tomorrow. It is the only class of the day. 

Megan Tracey

“The beauty of recovery is that everyone’s journey is their own” My story started out as an innocent desire to lose the weight I had gained from living off of beer and taco bell throughout college. A simple diet turned into an intense, self-loathing, mental battle that would consume my life for the next two […]

Staying Loose

In Crossfit, our muscles are worked hard and occasionally can get super tight. Sometimes these tight muscles can become so tight that they begin to look like injuries. More often than not, a bad knee, back, or shoulder is simply a result of tight muscles in the surrounding area. Here are six mobility exercises to […]

Suzanne Alworth

“Battle for my Life” By Suzanne Alworth   I have been battling my weight for a good 10-15 years. Growing up I never had weight issues, was able to eat what I wanted and burn it off. As I grew older that wasn’t happening anymore and the “battle of the bulge” began. 8 years ago, […]

Battle of the Burbs Event List

Rx’d Scaled With a running clock From 0:00-1:00 Partner 1 Max Double Unders From 1:01-5:00 Partner 1 Establish 1rm Snatch 5:01-6:00 Partner 2 Max Double Unders 6:01-10:00 Partner 2 Establish 1rm Clean and Jerk With a running clock From 0:00-1:00 Partner 1 Max Single Unders From 1:01-5:00 Partner 1 Establish 1rm Snatch 5:01-6:00 Partner 2 […]

May 2nd, 2016

Upcoming Events Work On Skills: Handstand Clinic May 14th Test Yourself: Memorial Day Murph May 31st Battle of the Burbs 3 July 9th