Wed, Nov 26

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Tue, Nov 25

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Mon, Nov 24

[wod date=”2014-11-24″]

Sun, Nov 23

[wod date=”2014-11-23″]

Sat, Nov 22

Teams of 2

2:00 Air Squats One partner holds bottom of a squat

2:00 Deadlifts (185/115) One partner holds barbell in hang position

2:00 Hand Release Push Up  One partner holds handstand

2:00 Toes to Bar One partner hangs from pull-up bar

Fri, Nov 21

Teams of 3

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Thur, Nov 20

[wod date=”2014-11-20″]

Wed, Nov 19

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Tue, Nov 18

[wod date=”2014-11-18″]

Mon, Nov 17

[wod date=”2014-11-17″]