Jeff Logan


“Overcoming Genetics” by Jeff Logan

Life was great! I recently married my amazing wife and best friend, we just bought our first home together, and I was passionate about my career. Everything on the outside seemed to be going my way, however on the inside my biggest insecurity was beating me. I was struggling with my weight and physical appearance and couldn’t find the motivation or confidence to turn it around.

Obesity is a disease that runs in my family and at 30 years old I started to hit a downward spiral. I was afraid that if I didn’t try to stop what was happening and focus on my health, I would let obesity run my life as well.

For the past year Martha and Caesar had been trying to get me to join Crossfit Caldwell. I always had an excuse. “I just want to lose 10 pounds and then I will join” or “The people that do Crossfit are in the best shape and there is no way I can work out or keep up with any of them.” were just two of the many excuses I was giving them. I was running away from my insecurities and cheating myself of a healthy life. At over 200 pounds and the heaviest I could ever remember, I finally realized I needed to overcome my fear and take control of the only part of my life that wasn’t making me happy. It was in November of 2014 when I physically and mentally knew I needed to make a change, and finally gave Crossfit a try.

Many workouts where a challenge for me. During those first few classes I remember thinking to myself “Are you kidding me, I can’t do this!” I felt like a failure and wanted to give up. Deep down inside I knew if I quit after only a few classes I was giving into my insecurities and would never beat this. I eventually realized the coaches and other athletes were not judging me but there to help and guide me to become healthier and stronger. As many times as I was in pain and wanted to quit halfway through, the encouragement and support from everyone started to turn my thoughts of giving up into wanting to succeed. Within a few weeks I started to become addicted to CrossFit. I began taking classes 5 to 6 times a week. I started to ask a lot of questions and began to see a change in my body and feel healthier.

Although I still have a long way to go, every class I find something that I have improved on from the first few weeks of joining CrossFit. I feel a sense of pride when I improve on a specific workout or increase the amount of weight I lift. My insecurities have turned into a feeling of self-accomplishment. I find myself only wanting to talk about CrossFit, not to brag, but because I feel so good about where I have come in just a few short months.

CrossFit has changed my outlook on health and working out. I now enjoy working out. I find myself looking forward to the WOD and being able to improve myself. In the past 4 months I have started to make a lifestyle change. Eating healthy and working out on a regular basis, I am committed and headed in the right direction. I now realize you have to set aside time and stick to a schedule. I enjoy working out and spending time with fellow athletes and coaches. I truly have met some great friends along the way that have helped me build my confidence and motivate me along my journey.


I am becoming more confident in my body both physically and mentally. Albert Einstein once said, “Failure is success in progress.” We must work at failure and eventually we will succeed. For all the times I have fallen, felt I couldn’t finish, or thought I can’t do this, the failure was worth it. I now can see the progress, know I can accomplish goals, and to me that is my success. I can’t wait to see my new achievements in the months to come.