Suzanne Alworth

“Battle for my Life”

By Suzanne Alworth


I have been battling my weight for a good 10-15 years. Growing up I never had weight issues, was able to eat what I wanted and burn it off. As I grew older that wasn’t happening anymore and the “battle of the bulge” began. 8 years ago, I developed a heart condition. After 5 angioplasties with 3 stents and 2 ballon procedures, my arteries were clear, but I could not pass a stress test and my weight kept crawling upward.

A little over 2 years ago, Martha was working on opening the box in Caldwell. I had no expectations of joining, but was completely supportive of her venture into self employment. Martha being Martha, she eventually convinced me that I could do Crossfit. I started shortly after Caldwell Crossfit opened, and within a month I was hooked. Not only could I do it, with the help and modifications provided by the coaches, I was finally excited about an exercise regime.

I was going 2-4 times every week, yet I was still not seeing a decrease in the weight. I tried many different diets, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, you name I tired it. I would lose 10-25 pounds and then gain back more. I not only was fighting the heart condition, my back became a real issue as well developing a drop foo caused by a herniated disk. (I sound like I am 100, when I started I was 53!)


In March of 2015, my husband and I seriously discussed the possibility of weight loss surgery, as I was feeling like I wanted to do so much more with my life and my health was an extremely serious issue. Crossfit had given me the hope that things could get better. We felt that we had so much more to experience and live for, and I HATE to miss out on anything! So the surgery was scheduled for 4/2/15. The first 8 months were extremely difficult and I was not certain I did the right thing.

I can tell you that the crew, coaches and fellow crossfitters, at Caldwell rooted me on every step of the way. When I was on the mend and trying to get back into a routine and exercising again, I received an amazing amount of encouragement. I could not have done it without them, Craig, Martha, Sam, Drew, and my buddy Troy, everyone! Always encouraging me to just show up, they will help me get through.


One year later, a 4th grader as my husband likes to say. (87 pounds) I feel the best I have in 20 years. I have even passed a cardiac stress test for the first time ever! The Caldwell Crossfit crew is the best! If I had not gotten hooked 2 years ago, I would not have wanted MORE of this feeling good stuff! I feel strong and excited about all the things I can now do. I eat right, proteins and vegetables, mostly. My new goal is to flip the tire without any help from Caesar Mistretta, and I know with the help of the coaches it will happen in no time.

My husband and I just returned from vacation where, between golf and walking around Disney, we walked at least 12-16 miles a day. I could never have done that a few years ago, and I like to think that all those coaches were cheering me on when I was meeting Mickey! Thanks to all the coaches and my peeps at Caldwell Crossfit for giving me this new lease on life and listening to my silly jokes everyday! I love what we have in this community, and I am SO blessed to have them all in my life!