The CrossFit Open

What is it?

The CrossFit Open is the first step in a 3 stage process dedicated towards finding the fittest man and woman on earth. The Open in 2017 consists of 5 workouts over 5 weeks. (Feb 23th-March 27th). At the conclusion, the top  men and women from each region will attend the regionals competition.

Why should you do it?

The Open is for EVERYONE! Even if you have no desire to compete or are brand new to Crossfit – EVERYONE is able to participate in these weekly workouts. It’s an opportunity for you to gain an appreciation for your strengths, weaknesses and mental toughness.

Register Here

How will it work at Crossfit Caldwell?

Every Friday night, all classes will be dedicated to the Crossfit Open. We will request that all participants register online ahead of time to ensure that we have heats organized as well as enough equipment for all athletes. These classes will be open to the anyone of public participating in the open without a drop-in fee. Our goal is to help the athletes of the Crossfit World get the judging and equipment they need in order to proceed to the next level.

Heat Registration will be available through this page and also our “CrossFit Caldwell Athletes” Facebook Page.

Week 1 (Feb 24th): Heat registration

Week 2 (Mar 3rd): Heat registration

Week 3 (Mar 10th): Heat registration

Week 4 (Mar 17th): Heat registration

Week 5 (Mar 24th): Heat registration

End of the Open/1 Year Anniversary Party

Details to come.