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Fri, Jan 2

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Thur, Jan 1

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Barbell Club Mock Meet


With the the start of our new Barbell Club just around the corner, so are new fun and exciting opportunities to better yourself as a competitor! Saturday February 28 marks the final day of our initial nine week cycle and what better way to end it than with a friendly in-house mock meet! All competitors will be competing within their respected gender and weight-classes in the two Olympic Weightlifting movements, the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. All athletes will be judged on three attempts of each lift, we encourage EVERYONE to participate!

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45 Day Wellness Challenge

Wellness challenges

Welcome. The Wellness Challenge is a 45-day nutrition, performance and life challenge. It is based on principles of the Paleolithic Diet, modern day life, science, and practical experience. This isn’t just a competition; it’s a springboard for incorporating healthy practices into your life and holding yourself accountable.

During the 45 days of this challenge, you are expected to be “strict” and not stray from the guidelines. This means, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, and limited alcohol consumption…Not only do you need to have some self-discipline to carry through on this endeavor, but it is also an exercise in character. Everything is published to the group, and only you will know if you are being honest. In addition to modifying your nutrition, we will expect that you optimize your training, sleep, and recovery to ensure that you are maximizing the impact of this change in all aspects of your life.

Judging the Contest.

All areas below will count for your final score. Qualified Judges (e.g. two Crossfit Caldwell coaches and one outsourced judge) will complete judging.

  1. Before (Day 1) and After (Day 45) photos (Qualitative)
  2. Total Accumulated Points (Quantitative; see below)

Daily Points

  • 1 point for each meal that is Paleo compliant (Max 3 per day)
  • 1 point for training or active recovery (rest days count as long as you work on a skill, take a walk, or Yoga class)
  • 1 point for proper hydration (6+ 8-ounce glass of water)
  • 1 point for proper sleep (7+ hours)

Maximum Points per day = 6

Buy In

There is more motivation from the fear of losing something…bottom-line. The Buy-In is $100 Don’t Freak Out!! You will get $50 of this back “IF” you complete the program (meaning journaling your food, participating all 30 days, and completing both photos). If you drop out completely, your $$ will be forfeited. Our goal with this is to keep all of you in the game from start to finish!

What do you get?

?1. Hopefully a hot bod, more energy and better WOD times!

2. Female/Male Top Prize is 70%% of all contributed mone

3. Female/Male 2nd Prize is 30% of all contributed money


(MUST COMPLETE before January 17th)

  1. SIGN UP and pay for the Challenge on MindBody
  2. Attend an info session on Saturday, January 17th, at 11:30am (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  3. Request us on FB and we can add you to the group FB page (all material will be uploaded to this page)

Do not enter this competition half-heartedly. If you are not going for the prize but still want a little support, please email us and we will add you to the group, and you will still need to support the kitty. If you are not part of the challenge and are asking questions on the blog, you should join the challenge and support the kitty. It is only fair to all the other players.

This contest is for current Crossfit Caldwell members only.



  1. Register, on MindBody.. Even if you don’t plan to attend the info session this is how you sign up. REQUIRED.
  2. Daily: Journal your Food, Training, Hydration, and Sleep. Only use the supplied material. No other entries will be accepted. REQUIRED.
  3. Daily: Darken your bedroom. Do not watch TV, look at your iPhone/iPad, or do anything other than sleep in your bedroom… SUGGESTED.
  4. Weekly: WOD 4+ times/week – journal it using BWTB. You are working on your diet now, but make sure you stay ACTIVE. When you aren’t scheduled to work out go for a walk, take a Yoga class…do something! REQUIRED.
  5. Get some basic blood work done. This is for your own education. Comprehensive Lipid Panel with inflammatory markers. If you haven’t had your annual physical schedule it and get your blood work done. NOTE: We can setup you up with Quest Diagnostics. SUGGESTED.
  6. Take some before & after photos. We will be taking pictures at the gym starting January 2. All pictures will be taken on the same camera (front, side and back photos). Attire is shirtless and shorts for men. Sport Bra and shorts for Women. Try to wear the exact same outfit for your before and after pictures and take them at the same spot in the locker room. REQUIRED.
  7. Pick out a Benchmark WOD you recently completed (if you haven’t done one recently, complete one during open gym or part of regular programming and use that as your benchmark) and then complete it again in 30 days. SUGGESTED.
  8. Get some sleep. Aim for 7+ hours each night. Extra sleep alone has been responsible for many a pound lost! Find a way to track this like an iPhone App (e.g. Sleep Cycle is great)! SUGGESTED.
  9. Measure your self and send your starting/ending measurements (waist, hips, thighs, and arms). This is for your own reference. Another measure would be your jeans size. SUGGESTED.
  10. Get support. BE ACTIVE in the FB Group with recipes, issues and successes. This won’t be easy and the more people that are with you the better you stand for those that will encourage you to get that late-night pizza or a couple extra beers. REQUIRED.
  11. Share your weekly point total and favorite recipes/meals with your fellow CFC members on Facebook,
  12. READ very carefully about Paleo and ask questions beforehand. No peanut butter is not okay. No corn and beans are not okay. Rice equals no bueno, POTATOES, sorry NO…GOT IT! REQUIRED.

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Wed, Dec 31

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Tues, Dec 30

Home Grown Heroes 3


Max Wall Ball Shot

Every Min on the Min

5 Deadlift (225/155)

–Start with Wall Ball–

Mon, Dec 29

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Sun, Dec 28

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Sat, Dec 27

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