• Meet your coach

    Once you’ve decided you want to get into the best shape of your life and be a part of a community of like-minded people, it’s time to book a Student Consultation/Intro to CrossFit Caldwell with your personal coach.

    Do it alone or bring a friend along to your 60-minute free intro session. First, you’ll meet your personal coach, who will explain our fitness methodology, as well as CrossFit Caldwell’s application of functional fitness. Then your coach will look at your fitness strengths and limitations and evaluate your current level of fitness.

  • Fundamentals

    Our fundamentals (personal training) program is going to look a lot different than group aerobics or a bootcamp or any other group exercise class.

    Yes, you will eventually have the option to graduate to CrossFit Caldwell group classes; however, before that we need to ensure that you are both competent in the movements and fit enough to safely join group classes. To do this, we use established physical benchmarks, and you and your coach will monitor your fitness progress.

    With that in mind, you will start off by completing as many one-on-one or two-on-one private training sessions as necessary to allow for a safe transition into group classes. During these sessions you will be coached by both an instructor, as well as their apprentice coaches. Our instructors are some of the first affiliate coaches who brought functional high intensity fitness to New Jersey over nine years ago; their experience is second to none.

    During your personal training sessions (the number depends on your personal fitness level and physical abilities), you will become familiar with the technical movements (30-40 movements), things like Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and rowing. You will also learn about mobility, injury prevention and nutrition.

  • Graduate to Group Classes

    Once you’re competent in the functional fitness movements and reach our graduation requirements, you are free to begin group classes.

    During group classes, you’ll push yourself and sweat it out with like-minded individuals, as you compete with yourself (and others, if you choose) for rounds, time, points, glory, emotional satisfaction and spiritual growth. You will reach new physical and emotional levels you didn’t think were possible, and you will undoubtedly find yourself with a new social and support network, who will help you on your continued path to greater health and happiness.

    We strive to have two coaches (instructors and apprentices) at each class; some of our evening classes boast as many as three coaches. One of the CrossFit Caldwell principles is to promote a minimum of 10:1 student to coach ratio. This ensures you will continue to receive technical coaching even as your fitness abilities improve.

  • Hybrid Memberships

    Every four months, you will meet with your personal coach (and apprentice) for a one-on-one session, where you will work on your weaknesses, or on technical movements you want more help with.

    Our minimum requirement for refresher sessions is twice per year; however, you can meet with your coach more often for one-on-one coaching if you want additional help with strength training, gymnastics, mobility or nutrition consultations.