Betsy Mackin

"Need to accomplish each goal"

Betsy Mackin

“The Orchestra” by Betsy Mackin

Me……. Barbell Club ?????? I don’t think so…..I’m too old…….

First of all, my perception of weightlifting was way off. I thought you had to be very muscular, a man, willing to make strange faces and grunt…a lot….I’m not kidding here! But the biggest myth, I thought weightlifting was pulling as hard as you can on a bar loaded with weight. That could not be further from the truth.

Weightlifting is more like an orchestra, parts of
your body and mind working together to create this amazingly fluid movement.. and we DO get to grunt and make faces if we want!!! Our community is amazing, there is incredible support, cheering for each other, and plenty of laughs along the way.

In January of this year I took my first Barbell class at Crossfit Caldwell. Secretly I wanted
to learn how to lift heavy weights and become a bit “jacked”, but I would never ever tell anyone
that, it was my little secret. My minds reality was I assumed that I would stick with the light weights “due to my age”. After all, I am 55 and there is only so much I can do… well, once again I was wrong. Our club coach Joe, taught me the basics of each movement, and we practice, practice and practice on our technique while adding weight over time. The feeling I get when hitting a lift correctly is indescribable, it’s empowering both physically and emotionally.

Joe believes in me which in turn allows me to believe in myself. I don’t know many places that you encounter people that become so invested in your abilities. Weightlifting has given me a new respect for my body, I am truly in awe of what it can do. Barbell Club constantly challenges my mind and mind frequently will say “oh no I cant do that”. Then I am reminded by my coach that I absolutely CAN! In every class I am reminded the proper way to lift, I am given everything I need to accomplish each goal given every time I lace up my lifters and I physically feel better than I ever have. There is some kind of perfect release from the world around me when I am at Caldwell Barbell Club, I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in.

Being a mom is the greatest gift I have had in my life, my children are now adults and no longer need me like they used to. I have been terrified of this time in my life, I did not believe that I could be as happy and satisfied as I was when my children were small. But I am happy to report that on some days I feel a little guilty about how incredibly happy I am and this is absolutely due to Caldwell Barbell Club and Crossfit Caldwell. I take classes five times a week, you could call me obsessed, in fact, I would be proud to be called obsessed. I work really hard to get the results that I am getting today…My age is merely a piece of the orchestra now.

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